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BCNet2nd place
BC Net's Coolest Application Contest, 2005

Satellog Database

Satellog runs on:
EnsEMBL 19_34b
v.34 of the human genome.


Limit to (uncheck for entire genome)
Chromosome name (size in bp):
From to

Limit to repeats of bp repeat units
Repeat length (choose one):
less than
greater than or equal to
between and
Repeat unit
Select the top % longest repeats of the above repeat unit
The percentile rank is calculated for each repeat class.
If repeat rank is checked without an input repeat unit, then all repeat units with that cut-off will be returned.

Include in output:

chromosome start end
repeat period repeat unit repeat length
repeat sequence repeat class percentile rank


Limit to repeats within
Limit to repeats encoding the peptide sequence

Include in output:

Gene Location Peptide Sequence EnsEMBL Transcript ID


Limit to repeats within gene with HUGO name
or EnsEMBL Gene ID

Include in output:

HUGO name EnsEMBL Gene ID Gene Description
GO terms PDB terms MIM terms

Gene Expression in GeneNote (Nov 7, 2003 Release)

Limit to repeats expressed in the

Include in output:

Affymetrix Tag Expression value Call
Number Tissue

Polymorphism within UniGene clusters

Limit to genes with evidence of polymorphism

Include in output:

Number of Hits Minimum Length Maximum Length
Mean Length Standard Deviation

Include in output:

UniGene cluster UniGene sequence Length within UniGene Sequence

Output Format

HTML Text, fixed width
Text, comma separated Text, tab delimited

File Compression

None gzip (.gz)

File Info

Name for this dataset

Some queries take longer than others to be processed.


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